Sunday, October 10, 2010


Salam from Teacher Umairah,
Nice words I found during my secondary,


I dedicate this wonderful words to all my friends...


Friendship is something, to share give and take, and store memories in return, Friendship is an everlasting relationship, That is linked between two heart and soul, But friends.. don't you ever know that everything that we have does not reflect one will ever know..

A>> Always be honest
B>> Be there when they need you
C>> Cheer them on
D>> Don't look for their fault
E>> Encourage their dreams
F>> Forgive them
G>> Get together often
H>> Have faith in Allah for everlasting relationship
I >> Include them
J >> Just be there
K>> Know when they need you
L>> Love them unconditionally
M>> Make them feel special
N>> Never forget
O>> Offer to help
P>> Praise them honestly and openly
Q>> Quietly disagree
R>> Really listen
S>> Say you're sorry
T>> Talk frequently
U>> Use good judgement
V>> Verbalize your feeling
W>> Wish them luck
X>> Xamine your motives
Y>> Your words count, use them wisely
Z>> Zip your lips when they told secrets

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